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- Store your hat crown side down for hats with a shaped brim and brim side down for hats with a flat brim. For     longterm storage, store the hat in your hatbox.

- Store your hat in a cool, dry place.

- Do not pack your hat in your suitcase during travel. Be confident and wear it.

- Do not leave your hat directly in the sunlight, humidity or an extreme heat source, this to avoid shrinkage and     distortion of shape and color.

- To keep your hat clean regularly brush off the dust particles with the included hat brush. (clockwise)

- Avoid wearing your hat in the pouring rain. If your hat ever gets wet, do not force dry it.


First of all it's best to contact me, since I have the knowledge to fix it. If this is not possible you can follow these steps:

1. Rest your hat on a flat surface.

2. Place a clean kitchen towel on your hat's brim.

3. Set your iron on high heat, and run it a cross with a lot of steam.

4. Repeat until the brim is entirely flat.

5. Allow it to dry and stiffen well over night.

You may occasionally use this process to freshen up your hat. Make sure you always use a piece of cloth between the felt and your steam iron plate. If you hesitate on following this technique you can always contact me and I will be pleased to help you with this process.

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